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Paisley Abbey

Paisley Abbey Choristers

Article about George, Evening Times, 14/02/1974

The May/June 2011 edition of the periodical Choir and Organ featured George in a two-page article.

The organ at Paisley Abbey, one of the finest organs in the country, was restored during 2009 and was rededicated at the morning service on Sunday 13th December 2009. For further information, see also the Daily Record for 6 Feb 2009, 28 Sep 2009, 15 Oct 2008 and 21 Dec 2009.
See also this newspaper article about the 1968 rebuild

Please note that the following links to historical specifications have recently (Jan 2012) been revised to include more recent research into the origins of the Cavaillé-Coll pipework. This research is currently ongoing and revisions are still being made to the specifications below. In connection with this, it has been confirmed that the original Cavaillé-Coll instrument was completed in 1874, not 1872 as previously recorded in some publications.

1874 specification
1928 specification
1968/2009 specification
2009 specification (including printable pdf version)
2009 console

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University of St Andrews Music Centre

The Scottish Music Centre

The Royal College of Organists

The Royal School of Church Music

The Incorporated Association of Organists

The Scottish Federation of Organists - future local and national concerts

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Three-legged music stand
Music stand presented to George by the choir on his 50th anniversary as Director of Music at Paisley Abbey
Photo: Stewart McDougall

Paisley Abbey organ console
The organ console at Paisley Abbey

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